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Admissions questions:

Q: Do you require teacher recommendations?
A: If you use the Common App, you would give a teacher or counselor the recommendation form listed at to fill out. The SUNY App asks for a verification form from a counselor but not a recommendation per se.

Q: Is it necessary to send a mid-year report from my high school even though I have been accepted?
A: If a mid-term report is necessary, the Office of Admissions will contact you to request this. If you are accepted and you pay your deposit a Final HS Transcript will be required after graduation.

Q: What if I have a GED?
A: It is possible to apply with a GED. You should contact Admissions at 315.312.2250 or to look into what you would need to do.

Q: If an application isn't accepted early admission, does it automatically roll over to general application?
A: It depends on the merit of your application whether it is rolled over to regular admissions or not. You should contact the Office of Admissions directly at 315.312.2250 or to discuss an individual case.

Q: Does SUNY Oswego have Early Action or Early Decision admissions?
A: We have Early Decision admissions with a Nov. 15 deadline for fall 2013. For more info, check out our Apply page: [WWW]

Q: Where should I send my transcript?
A: You'd want to send it to the Office of Admissions, 229 Sheldon Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126-3599. Thanks!

Q: What are your required SAT/ACT scores for admission?
A: We don't have a specific score requirement per se. We look at factors that include standardized tests, high school GPA, student involvement and the like. According to our most recent class profile — [WWW] — average SAT for incoming students (math and verbal) is 1110, average composite ACT is 24. But again, those give you the average student score, not a required score.

Q: Do I need to take both the SAT and ACT? If not, which one is preferred by the college?
A: You will need to take one or the other. We do not recommend one over the other, but note it is one of many factors involved in the admissions process. Thanks!

Q: I would like to apply for the fall semester of 2013. When should I send in an application?
A: We strongly recommend between August 1 and January 15. If you consider us your first choice and would like to take part in Early Decision, you can apply by November 15 to receive a decision by December 15 ... and receive full consideration for any and all scholarships. For more information or to start the application process, visit [WWW]

Q: How do I submit my second SAT scores?
A: If you requested the College Board to submit the scores to us, we will get them automatically. If you did not, you may want to contact Admissions ( or 315.312.2250) to make other arrangements.

Q: Can I send my SAT scores in after the application deadline?
A: You could. Ultimately an SAT score is required for us to make an admission decision, so not having one on hand may cause a delay.

Q: I was accepted but decided to choose a different school. Do I need to let the admissions office know?
A: It's not required, but would be a nice courtesy. Best of luck with your studies!

Q: What is the average GPA for incoming students?
A: Average high school GPA for incoming students was 90, although this is only one of many admissions factors. For more data about last year's incoming class, see [WWW]

Q:Will my low SAT scores affect my acceptance?
A: Each case is individual, but we look at a variety of factors, so it's not all about SAT. GPA, good courses, all-around involvement help your chances.

Q: I applied 2 years ago now and was accepted. Do I still need to re apply?
A: Unfortunately, the acceptance is only good for one year if you do not enroll. You can contact Admissions at 315.312.2250 or to learn the next steps.

Q: Is there a way to track my application online?
A: Yes! You can visit [WWW]

Q:Do you have specific support for veterans?
A: We do! We have an Office of Veterans Affairs ... you can see more info on its website, [WWW]

Q:I've been accepted but when will I get information about scholarships?
A: Congratulations! Merit scholarship award letters tend to go out in late February/early March.

Q: Is there a credit minimum for the Presidential Scholarship?
A:You must remain a full-time student, in other words take at least 12 credits during any full semester.

Q: How does applying from out of state change my admissions decision? Does it make me more likely to be accepted or receive scholarships?
A: Out-of-state students receive the same consideration as in-state students for everything, including scholarships.

Q: Where is your transfer class pre-approval form located on the website?
A: We have lists of articulation agreements with some campuses at [WWW] but often you would want to contact an admissions counselor (315.312.2250 or directly to ensure credits transfer properly.

Q: What is the admissions essay topic?
A: If using the Common App, you are asked to submit a 150-word (max) essay on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences and a 250-word (max) essay of your choice or from one of six options. See application form at for details.

Q: Does SUNY Oswego accept letters of recomendation, or have a form for them?
A: If you use the Common App, you would give a teacher or counselor the recommendation form listed at to fill out. The SUNY App asks for a verification form from a counselor but not a recommendation per se.

Q: If I am applying through the SUNY Application, then how do i send my teacher recommendations without a teacher's evaluation form?
A: The SUNY app only requires a counselor or teacher verification form, which is included in the application. If you want to send additional teacher recommendations, you can send them to the Office of Admissions, either electronically at or to Office of Admissions, 229 Sheldon Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126-3599.

Q: Can a transfer student who applied and got accepted earlier in the year, still enroll this fall?
A: You would generally be able to if you did not enroll elsewhere and space remains. Admissions is closed for the the night so we can't check on the latest status, so your best bet would be to contact Admissions directly at 315.312.2250 or

Q: Where can I find the link to request more information?
A: You can request more information online at [WWW]

Q: If I apply for early decision, about when will I find out if I'm accepted?
A: If you submit an early-decision application by Nov. 15, you should expect to hear by Dec. 15. For more information, visit our application page: [WWW]

Q: If I applied rolling/regular decision, when do those decision letters begin being mailed out? thanks! :)
A: Regular decision letters should be going out toward the end of January. Good luck!

Q: When is your application deadline?
A: Our main suggested application deadline was Jan. 15, but we will continue to accept applications while space is available and admit on a rolling basis.

Q: Does the application requires an essay ?
A: A personal essay is part of the application process. For much more information, check out our Application page at [WWW]

Q: What do you look for in a transfer student?
A: As for what we look for, a strong academic record is important, and student involvement is a bonus. If you have specific questions, you can reach our Admissions Office at 315.312.2250 or

Q: How many undergraduate transfer students do you accept each year?
A: We offer admission to around 750 transfers total between the fall and spring semesters.

Q: What are Out-of-State students transfer requirement?
A: That varies by what you've taken and what institution you're transferring from. For the best results, you should contact the Transfer Services Office directly: [WWW]

Q: I am a non traditional and plan to transfer to Oswego for the spring 2013 semester. When should I complete the application?
A: We would recommend applying before Oct. 15. Good luck!

Q:If I already have an associate's degree and want to further my education, would I be considered an undergraduate student or a graduate student?
A:You would be considered an undergraduate transfer with degree. You can find much more info on continuing your studies by visiting [WWW]

Q: I've changed what I'm interested in majoring in since I applied. Can I change it?
A: During Orientation, you will meet with an academic adviser and can ask about changing it then. During the application cycle (winter-spring), you can inquire about changing it through admissions, but once summer comes, your best bet is to do so during Orientation.

Q: Can I receive college credit for 20+ years of law enforcement experience?
A: You should be able to get some of it translated into academic credit. You would meet with an adviser in our Office of Extended Learning. You can reach them at 315.312.2270 or

Q: I attended suny oswego 40 years ago. How do i get infomation about finishing my degree?
A: A great place to start would be speaking with a counselor in Extended Learning. You can email or call 315.312.2270.

Q:What is your acceptance rate for incoming freshman?
A: Around 47 percent.

Q: How do i verify that my transcripts were sent to a college?
A: You would contact that college's Admissions Office ... in Oswego's case that would be 315.312.2250 or

Q: What is the spring semester deadline for transfers? What do I need to send in?
A: You'll want to apply by Nov. 1, although Admissions will continue reviewing applications on a rolling basis, space permitting. You also will need official copies of transcripts for any college credits obtained so far. For any other questions, you can contact Admissions directly at 315.312.2250 or

Q:Do you offer admissions interviews?
A: Certainly! You can schedule an interview as part of a campus visit. For more info or to schedule a visit, go to [WWW]

Q: Are auditions required for admission to the theatre or music majors?
A: They are not. But you will have plenty of opportunities to showcase your talent during your college years!

Q:Where do I send my fee application waiver form?
A:You should send to the address listed on the top of the form: THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, Application Services Center (ASC), PO Box 22007, Albany, New York 12201-2007 ... and as long as you've applied to 4 or less schools, you should be covered.

Q: If i took "college in the high school" Spanish classes, will those credits most likely be able to be transferred if i attend oswego in the fall? (8 credits)
A: There is a pretty good chance, but you should speak directly to an admissions counselor ( or 315.312.2250) and provide specific details to be sure.

Q: How many credits will you accept from another SUNY school and still be able to receive an Oswego degree?
A: The maximum credits that can be applied from a two-year college is 62 to 67; the maximum number from a four-year institution is 92 to 97. Our Transfer Services Office offers more information and answers, and you can contact Chris Hockey, our transfer services coordinator, at

Q: How many students are generally enrolled?
A: Usually around 8,300 total, 6,800 full-time undergraduates. See more facts and figures at [WWW]

Q: If my application status says "your application has been reviewed" does that mean (generally) that a decision has been made?
A: Decisions likely will not be posted before Jan. 15 or so.

Q: If I am an alumni of SUNY Oswego and my child is applying as a freshman, is there a fee waiver available?
A: Alas, the applications are through the SUNY Application and Common Application, so we can't waive the fee on our end. But we are thrilled to know another generation may be coming to Oswego!

Q: Im looking to pursue a career as an insurance agent does your school have classes that will fit me?
A: We launched the first risk management and insurance major at any public college in New York state! For program information, see [WWW]

Q: Is a physical required for incoming freshmen? How current does the physical need to be? Are annual physicals required for undergraduate students?
A: Physicals are considered optional unless you're playing varsity sports, but you're required to submit a health history form. You can see the health form at [WWW]

Q: I already took one semester at SUNY Oswego, and then left. Will I have to re-apply to start taking classes again? Do I need to do anything special or do I apply as if I hadn't attended SUNY Oswego?
A: You would follow the re-admission procedures outlined at [WWW]

Orientation questions:

Q: How do I sign up for Orientation?
A: After you send your Health Forms to the Mary Walker Health Center, you can sign in to myOswego, click on the “New Student Menu” link, click on “New Student Orientation,” and follow the directions as provided. Signing up for an Orientation Program is Step #5 on myOswego and in the green orientation packet that was mailed to your home. More information can be found at: [WWW]

Q: What should we expect to do at Orientation?
A: At Orientation, you'll learn a lot more about the campus and what you can expect of your college experience. You'll register for classes, interact with current members of the campus community and — best of all — make new friends!

Q: What days are Orientation taking place?
A: The two-day sessions start in late June and run through August. Some may book up earlier than others. Visit [WWW] for a list of available dates.

Q: Do we stay overnight for Orientation?
A: All freshman orientation sessions include an overnight in a residence hall. All transfer students who are entering with 30 or less credit hours must attend a two-day, overnight residential program; those with more than 30 credit hours can participate in the two-day program OR attend just the second day of the program.

Q: Do we stay with our future roommates at Orientation?

Q: My parents want to come to Orientation. How would that work?
A: We have special sessions for parents and they also have the opportunity to stay on campus in a separate room for an additional fee. For more information on our family programs, visit [WWW]

Q: How do I know if I'm supposed to take a Math Placement Exam at Orientation?
A: You can find a list of majors required to take this exam during Orientation at [WWW] As the page notes, childhood education majors have to take an additional Math Proficiency test at Orientation. You can email if you have any further questions.

Q: For Orientation, I have to take a Math Placement Exam. When does this happen? And am I allowed to bring a calculator?
A: The Math Placement Exam occurs during the second day at Orientation. Sorry, but you are not allowed to use a calculator. See [WWW] for more details and email if you have any further questions.

Q: When do I have to submit my health form?
A: As soon as possible, as we require having a Health History and Immunization Form on file before you can register for Orientation. You can find extra Health Forms here: [WWW]

Q: I am trying to fill out my health forms but am unsure what to do. I had everything filled out by my doctor. Now what do I do? Do they need to be mailed or uploaded somehow? Thanks for the help.
A: It should be sent to Mary Walker Health Center, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126.

Q: I created my Oswego email address & paid both deposits, but when i go to fill out step four on the new student menu, res life and housing, it says "You have not paid your deposit yet. please log in..." etc. do i have to fill out my health forms before I can do step four (res life and housing)? I'm on the new student menu.
A: You're working fast! You should be receiving a whole bunch of information from us that will facilitate this process. For now, go as far as it lets you.

Q: I'm trying to register for Orientation and it says I have an invalid ID. What does that mean?
A: We may not have all of the information we need from you to register for Orientation (deposit, forms, etc.). You can check with our Orientation Office at 315.312.5522 or to see if we have everything. If we do, it may be a technical issue, in which case you could contact Campus Technology Services at 315.312.3456 or

Q: I just sent in my deposit. When do I receive more information about Orientation?
A: It usually takes a few days to process your information, then you should receive a green booklet in the mail. Once we receive your choices of program dates, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to your SUNY Oswego e-mail account. If you have any questions, or have not received a confirmation e-mail yet, you can always contact the Orientation Office at 315.312.5522 or to check on your status.

Q: What time does orientation start?
A: The Orientation Office will provide a full schedule soon.

Q: How do I get a LakerNet ID?
A: The LakerNet ID is something you get when you sign up for email as part of the acceptance process. If you have questions, you can contact the Orientation Office at 315.312.5522 or

Academic questions

Q: How many credits do you need to take to be considered part time student?
A: Part-time is 11 or fewer credits.

Q: What about students with IEP? Are there any programs to help them succeed?
A: We have a very active and helpful office that helps anyone with such challenges ... you can reach them at 315.312.3358 or

Q: What are the courses freshman are required to take?
A: We offer a variety, depending on major and General Education needs, with our First Choice courses ([WWW] in small settings where you can better get to know your classmates and professor.

Q: When do classes start fall semester 2012?
A: The first day of fall classes in 2012 will be Aug. 27. You can see a list of other key dates at [WWW]

Q: How do I find out what books I need?
A: Once you're registered for classes, go to "student detail schedule" on MyOswego. You then visit [WWW] and type in the CRN numbers you find for the courses on MyOswego. The second site should tell you what book(s) you need for each course.

Q: Service-learning?
A: [WWW]

Q: Where can we find our final exam schedule?
A: You can find it online at [WWW]

Q: Where do I find out more about the Green Initiative?
A: You can find basic information and links at [WWW]

Q: Does it cost extra to take 16-17 credits in a semeter rather then taking the normal 15 credit hours?
A: You would pay the same tuition, as it's tied to your status as a full-time student.

Q: My high school twins are both interested in zoology and both have ADHD, are they going to survive with so many students in their classes and what kind of support do ADHD kids get?
A: They will have a good number of smaller classes (less than 19 students, especially) early that may help. We offer support through our Office of Disability Services, and you may contact them directly at 315.312.3358 or Thanks!

Q: I've been told I'll be taking a lot of General Education classes my freshman year. What's the deal?
A: The purpose of General Education courses are to allow you to sample various academic fields and gain a broad base of knowledge. You'd be amazed how often what you learn in a GenEd class that you never expect to impact your work comes in handy in the future. And we've had people take a General Education course and decide it's a field they want to pursue.

Q: When are final grades out?
A: Professors usually have until the Thursday after finals week to file grades. Students should learn their grades within a few days of then, because grades then have to be processed.

Q: How do I get my grades?
A: You can find your grades under MyOswego ([WWW] ... there should be an option to see grades.

Q: Can you take classes from home from SUNY Oswego?
A: We offer a number of online courses and, through the SUNY Learning Network, Oswego students can take classes via other colleges as well. For more information, visit [WWW]

Q: How do I drop a course?
A: You should be able to do this via MyOswego ([WWW] or, if it's past the usual add/drop period, through the Registar's Office (301 Culkin Hall, 315.312.2136,

Q: What are the requirements to maintain the dean's scholarship?
A: You would need to retain a 3.0 GPA and remain full-time

Q: How do i compose my schedule for the coming semester?
A: You meet with your adviser. If you're an incoming student, this happens at Orientation, but you also have the opportunity to pick some General Education classes in advance. Incoming students can also ask the Orientation Office about this process at 315.312.5522 or

Q: How do I request a transcript?
A: If you're requesting an Oswego transcript, you go through the Registrar's Office; you can use the online form at [WWW]

Q: What percentage of your students graduate in four years?
A: Our four-year graduation rate is listed as around 40 percent. We have a lot of students in combination (3+3 or 3+2) programs or our 5-year MBA programs which make the figure look lower even though students are still achieving successful outcomes.

Q: Is SUNY Oswego a college or a university?
A: We are a comprehensive college of the State University of New York system, granting bachelor's and master's degrees.

Q:What is the difference between a Bachelor of Technology and a Bachelor of Science?
A: The main differences involve the coursework that goes into the degree, and in turn expectations from employers on what that degree entails. The actual requirements and implications would vary widely according to the field the degree is in.

Q:What Majors/Minors does Oswego offer?
A:You can find the entire list at [WWW]

Q:Is there a notary public on campus?
A:Yes! There are some on the 7th floor of Culkin (dean of students' office, for one) and you can check in the Compass as well.

Q: Do you have support services for the classes you take?
A: Yes! You can find details at the Office of Learning Services site: [WWW]

Q: Is it possible for me to have two majors and one minor at the same time?
A: You can have two majors and a minor but it would be very important for you to speak to an adviser (at an open house or orientation) to see the best way to combine all of them without having to go longer than four years. Two majors and a minor mean a lot of specific courses and tracks.

Q: Tutoring?
A:[WWW] ... the request form is at

Q: Do you have a study abroad program?
A: We have one of the top study-abroad programs around! Visit [WWW] for details!

Q: How do I get more information on study abroad programs?
A: You can find some info at and try International Education at and 315.312.2118.

Q: How about if I did not take a foreign language?
A: While we prefer 2 to 4 units of a foreign language, if you do not have them, you should contact Admissions directly at 315.312.2250 or to see what they would suggest to make up for it.

Housing questions

Q: How do I apply for housing?
A: Once you have made your deposit and received a packet in the mail with instructions, you log into [WWW] and follow instructions.

Q: What should I bring when I move on campus?
A: You can find a great list on what to bring (and not bring) at [WWW]

Q: How do roommates get chosen?
A: If you and another incoming student have decided to live together, you would each submit the other person's name when you apply for housing. We need mutual confirmation to accommodate requests. If you do not request a roommate, you will be matched with an incoming student of the same gender depending on which residence hall you requested, when we received your deposit and other very general preferences.

Q: What if I'm looking for a good roommate? Any advice?
A: Some incoming students have developed discussion threads on getting to know each other on their current class page.

Q: When do we find out who are roommates are and where do we log on to find it?
A: You should find out at around July.

Q: What if I find someone I want to room with but already submitted a housing application?
A: You should contact the good folks at Residence Life and Housing at 315.312.2246 or They should be able to help.

Q: Which residence halls have WiFi?
A: As of fall 2012, all offer WiFi except for Funnelle, which will be online in January 2013, and Onondaga, which should be fully WiFi enabled in August 2013.

Q: I am 18 and graduated from high school last June. I have lived in my own apartment since last July. Do I have to live on campus?
A: According to [WWW], if you have "resided for at least three consecutive months prior to their acceptance of the admissions offer from the college" in a separate legal residence, then you are not required to live on campus.

Q: When will we learn about where we're living and our roommates?
A: You should expect to hear by early July. Since the Office of Residence Life and Housing has to find rooms for around 4,300 students, there are many pieces to the puzzle.

Q: Where's the best place to live?
A: Depends on what you want. If you're interested in transitioning to college with all other freshmen, you may want to live in Johnson Hall. If you're interested in meeting international students and pondering global issues, Hart Hall could be for you. Other residence halls are more traditional, but each has its own charm. For more information on each, visit [WWW]

Q: Are their kitchenettes in every residence hall? And which residence halls have tunnels to academic buildings, dining halls, fitness centers, etc?
A: All the residence halls have some cooking facilities for common use. Riggs and Johnson are connected to Lakeside Dining Hall; Hart and Funnelle to Cooper Dining Hall and Cooper Fitness Center. For answers on other questions you may have about residence halls, you can contact Residence Life directly at or visit their FAQ page: [WWW]

Q: What comes with the room?
A: Most rooms come with a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, chair, floor lamp and closet for each of its (two) residents.

Q: What is your policy on pets?
A: A variety of smaller pets are allowed: hamsters, gerbils, domestically bred rats, small caged birds, fish (in aquariums no more than 20 gallons), small lobsters (not to exceed six inches in length), turtles (not to exceed nine inches in length), chameleons (not to exceed six inches in length), hermit and soapdish crabs (in a tank not to exceed 20 gallons), and guinea pigs.

Q: I have a pet tarantula. would it be possible to bring her with me?
A: According to Residence Life and Housing's pet policy, tarantulas are not listed as allowable pets at this time: [WWW] If you have questions, you can contact

Q: Can I bring or rent a personal refrigerator?
A: Residents are allowed to bring personal refrigerators up to 6 cubic feet operating on 2 amps or less, and must register them with their front desks. For information on renting refrigerators from the college, visit [WWW]

Q: I'm having problems choosing a hall how do I choose one?
A: You can find the official information on the various halls at [WWW]

Q:When do freshman get information on housing?
A: You'll receive more information in your welcome packet around May. Housing assignments are made in the summer, usually available around July.

Q: Do all residence halls have kitchens available in them to cook?
A: Yes, they all have kitchens

Q:In the dorms what's the bathroom situation? Floor bathrooms/joint room bathrooms?
A: There are separate men's and women's bathrooms to serve various wings/zones of every floor.

Q: If I'm a Freshman, will my roommate be a Freshman too?
A: This is usually the case, unless you and someone already going to Oswego requested each other as roommates back during that process.

Q: What size beds are in the dorms? Twin or Twin XL?
A: The beds are extra long twin. You can find answers to other moving in questions at [WWW]

Q: How much does it cost for an off-campus house?
A: It varies according to the landlord, size of dwelling and number of students. With the right deal, students can pay $200 to $300 per month with a good fit and number of roommates, but it varies tremendously.

Q: Where can I get a cable cord for my room in the Village? There aren't any left in the Commons. Am I stuck buying one?
A: You may want to check with The Village's community director to see for sure. If none remain, then you'll probably need to purchase.

Q: Do you have dorms available for a guy and girl to live together?
A: Sorry, this is not available for incoming students. Upperclassmen who live in the Village townhouse can have co-ed living as there are individual bedrooms connecting to each apartment.

Q: Can we stay off-campus?
A: Freshmen are required to live on campus unless they are residing with parents or guardians, or at their previous official residence (for at least three consecutive months prior to admissions acceptance).

Q: If you are a transfer student and not a freshmen, but this is your first year attending Oswego, do you still HAVE, and is it still mandatory, for you to chose a full board meal plan?
A: According to what we could find online, the full board is only mandatory for freshmen. For questions about dining options, you can drop Auxiliary Services a line at

Q: What is the address for students that live in Waterbury Hall?
A: The street address for Waterbury Hall is 30 Rudolph Road, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126.

Q: Where can a student send mail to others on campus?
A: You can find addresses of each residence hall by clicking on it from this page: [WWW]

Community questions:

Q: What banks and/or ATMs are within easy access?
A: In the Campus Center, you can find ATMs for Alliance Bank, HSBC, KeyBank and HigherOne (the Oswego Debit Card which you can tie to aid refunds). A drive-thru ATM for Chase Bank sits next to the Parking Office by the college's main entrance on Route 104. Alliance Bank and Pathfinder Bank, both based in Central New York, have convenient locations on the west side of the city. There is a credit union on campus, Oswego Heritage Federal Credit Union, available to students who work on campus.

Q: What's the city of Oswego like?
A: We call Oswego a friendly little city of around 18,000 people. The campus sits on the edge of the city, much of it within an easy walk. The downtown is filled with 19th-century buildings offering a variety of shops, eateries and other services. Family-owned restaurants and a variety of fast-food options provide a diverse menu throughout Oswego. Check out our Around Oswego section at [WWW] for more information.

Q: Who is the best person for me to talk to that can give me an itinerary for the Family and Friends Weekend. I am trying to book lodging and need information on the activities?
A: Family and Friends weekend is coordinated through the Office of Campus Life. You can find a schedule and links to accommodations at [WWW] ... and you can reach the office at 315.312.2301. Hope you enjoy the weekend!


Q: What is Oswego's zip code?
A: 13126

Q: My husband and I are considering purchasing an income property in Oswego for off campus housing. Do you have an estimate of the number of students who are not from the Oswego area who live off campus?
A: We have around 4,300 students living on campus, so an estimate would be 1,000 to 2,000 off-campus in the Oswego area. The City of Oswego may have a more exact count, although many retain their home address so it's not necessarily easy to know for sure.

Q: Is Oswego near a nuclear plant?
A: Yes, there are three nuclear power plants in Oswego County.

Travel questions:

Q: Is there a chartered bus to NYC for Spring Break?
A: College Express is running a service for that time. See [WWW] for details.

Q:Where is Oswego located?
A: We are on Lake Ontario in Upstate New York, about 40 minutes north of Syracuse. See our locator map at [WWW]

Q: Can I get to Oswego using public transportation?
A: Absolutely! You can reach the nearby city of Syracuse (about 35 miles away) by air, railway or bus, and from there can take a Centro bus right to campus. For more information, visit [WWW]

Q: How far from an airport?
A: About 45 minutes. Visit [WWW] for more details on various ways to reach campus.

Q: How do i get there from Buffalo?
A: Probably Route 90 to to Exit 40 (Weedsport), left (north) on Route 34, then right to 104 East, but this site has full driving direction information: [WWW]

Q: What is the best way to get to SUNY Oswego from _?
A: You can find driving directions from everywhere to our campus at [WWW] If you're looking into public transportation options, you can visit our public transportation page at [WWW]

Q: How do I get information about the Campus Shuttle Bus to the Transportation Center in Syracuse?
A: You can visit Centro's website ... here is their page about Oswego-related transportation: [WWW]

Q: How far is Oswego from Long Island?
A: About 230 miles, varying by while part of the island. Most students we talked to consider it around a 5-hour drive, give or take.

Weather questions:

Q: What is the average tempeture in the winter?
A: According to [WWW], average highs for December, January and February are 36, 31 and 33 degrees. You can visit that site for a lot more information!

Q: I hear it snows a lot in Oswego?
A: Honestly, the amount of snow we receive in Oswego is not dissimilar from other areas of Upstate New York. Since we are by the lake, we sometimes do receive enhanced lake-effect storms, but the really big blizzards you may have heard about are the exception more than the norm. Also, the region has become very good at dealing with winters in terms of snow removal.

Q: How should I prepare for Oswego winters?
A: You will definitely want to find a heavy winter coat (or two), warm gloves or mittens, winter hat and good boots. Fashionable boots may be nice for looks, but you'll likely want functional boots that are waterproof or water-resistant, warm and adequately grip for walking in the snow.

Q: How will I know classes are cancelled?
A: When the college cancels all classes, notification appears on the college website (, on our Information Line (315.312.3333) and is sent to subscribers of our New York Alert service (pushed via text, email and/or phone). Sometimes professors may cancel their own classes, but to check on that you would need to contact the applicable department, as there is currently no service that posts individual class cancellations. For more information, visit [WWW]

Q: How often does Oswego cancel classes because of weather?
A: Some years involve no college-wide cancellations. Other years, maybe one or two days may see cancellations due to particularly intense weather patterns. Cancelling all classes more often than that mainly happens during particularly bad winters, which are an anomaly.

Q: When do you use for canceling classes?
A: Since Oswego students, in large part, live on campus or within a few miles, we mainly concentrate on immediate weather patterns, the conditions of roads, the forecasts and the like. We sometimes hear from commuter students who have different conditions where they live, but our policy is always that personal safety is a primary consideration ... if you think it would be dangerous to come a long way, we support your decision. For more information, visit [WWW]

Student Life Questions:

Q: How do I add money to my SUNY Oswego ID?
A: You'd work with our Office of ID and Dining, 5th floor of Culkin Hall.

Q: Does Oswego have a pool? Are students allowed to have do free swim/laps? Where are the gyms located? Thanks!
A: We have a pool for open campus recreational use in Lee Hall (plus one for the Laker swimming and diving teams in Laker Hall). We also have gyms in Lee and Swetman halls. See the Campus Recreation page for more details: [WWW]

Q: Does Oswego have an indoor track? Or an outdoor one?
A: We are in the process of a renovation that will add an indoor track by about next spring. (See [WWW] for details.) We have an outdoor track, although it is not used for competition.

Q: How do I apply for on campus jobs?
A: You can check out our student employment page ([WWW] which covers all kinds of topics and listings for students.

Q: When is (2012) move-in day?
A: Move-in day is August 24 for incoming students, August 25 for returning students. You can see a bunch of important dates at [WWW]

Q: How does the meal plan work?
A: We offer different meal plan options, including a full board plan (covering unlimited meals), plans covering a certain number of meals per week or pay-as-you-go plans where you put money on your card along the way. You can find much more information at [WWW] or by e-mailing

Q: Can freshman bring cars on campus?
A: Great question! Freshmen are allowed to bring their cars. Also, you can find answers to many other questions on campus life at [WWW]

Q: Equestrian club or team?
A: We have a very good equestrian club that competes nationally. You can contact for more information.

Q: How much is tuition?
A: Current undergraduate tuition for New York state residents is $5,570 for the year. For more information on costs, you can visit [WWW] or [WWW]

Q: What is the student to teacher ratio?
A: Our student to teacher ratio is around 18:1. Our FirstChoice selection of courses try to ensure incoming students have a certain number of small classes as well.

Q: Is Oswego a party school?
A: Depends who you ask. You'll find students who like to have a good time, but you'll also find a lot of students who are really serious about their studies and community involvement. We have a wide variety of students with a wide variety of interests.

Q: How big is the campus?
A: Our campus is 690 acres in all. This includes our Rice Creek Field Station, a nature area that includes research centers, trails and more.

Q:What is the EIN number for this college? Need this # for income tax preparation.
A: 16-1514621

Q: Are there storage areas to rent for the summer?
A: There are no storage areas available on campus for summer, unfortunately, although there are storage companies in the city and town of Oswego that could be used.

Q:How does a student mail a letter?
A:They would address it with the requisite stamp and can leave it with outgoing mail at the main desk of their residence hall or could use one of the outgoing mailboxes around campus or in the community.

Q:If I want to send a package to a student, what is the address?
A:That depends on their residence hall. See this page for a list of residence halls — [WWW] — and click on the correct hall to find a page with an address.

Q: What is the school's mailing address?
A: SUNY Oswego
7060 Route 104
Oswego, New York 13126-3599

Q: What is the male to female ratio of undergraduate students?
A:Our ratio of male to female undergraduate students is around 48:52.

Q: I graduated from Oswego in [x]. I am wondering how long my .edu email address will be active? I still use this as my primary address. Thank you.
A: As of fall 2010, student/alumni emails accounts no longer expire. So (if you've graduated since) it should remain available for your use!

Q:How can i obtain a copy of my diploma?
A:You can start with our Registrar's Office ... email or call 315.312.2136.

A: If you're inquiring about student employment, the link is [WWW]
If you're asking about professional employment, the link would be [WWW]

Q: Freshman Profile?
A: [WWW]

Q: What is the school famous for?
A: Historically, we're famous as revolutionizing teacher training in the 19th century through the Oswego Method. We're also known as the only school in New York on the shore of Lake Ontario, for having interesting weather, national-championship caliber ice hockey, a friendly disposition and many outstanding academic programs for accounting to zoology.

Q: Haircuts?
A: There is an on-campus option, The College Cut, in Hewitt Union, as well as many options around the city, depending on what you're looking for.

Q: What is this drug/alcohol quiz I have to complete?
A: It's called MyStudentBody, and you can access it from [WWW]

Q: How does one choose a dining plan and whom to I contact?
A: You can learn about options at [WWW], pricing at [WWW] and you can choose options through your MyOswego account.

Q: Is there a pharmacy at SUNY Oswego?
AL While we have a medical facility on campus in the Mary Walker Health Center ([WWW], the campus does not have a full-service pharmacy. There are a number in Oswego, including Kinney Drugs not far from the college.

Q: Does Oswego have a group or club that plans the concerts and stuff like that?
A: Yes! That is the Student Association Programming Board. Learn more at [WWW]

Q: What club sports are offered?
A: We offer many! You can find the whole list at [WWW]

Q: Do either of the gyms offer zumba or exercise classes?
A: Our fitness centers offer those and other classes! For details, visit [WWW]

Q: Which type of computer (Mac or PC) should I bring with me as a first year student?
A:You can really bring either. Most programs you'd need to use will work with a PC or Mac.

Q: When will I receive 1098-T?
A: The state is in the process of making those available through us, and they should appear though MyOswego. If you haven't seen it show up by the end of next week, your best bet would be to inquire directly through Student Accounts,

Financial questions:

Q: Financial Aid?
A: [WWW]

Q: When is the FAFSA due for Oswego?
A: Ideally, you'll want to submit it by March 1 for maximum financial aid consideration.

Q: When is tuition due for this semester? Can I pay with a credit card/can I spread it over 2 cards?
A" Payment is due on Aug. 24. You can pay in installments — not dissimilar to splitting it between cards — and can find more info at [WWW] or by contacting Student Accounts at

Q: Where do I create a flex account?
A: You can create that via your student account menu in MyOswego.

Q: I am getting ready to pay the bill for the upcoming semester for my son and I see a charge forAccident & SicknesInsurance with a charge of $650.00. Can someone please tell me what this is for? We have a family insurance plan already .
A: You can remove that fee by filing the waiver showing you already have insurance that you can download from this page: [WWW]

Q: What is the Oswego debit card we got emails about?
A: That's the Higher One account, mainly for any financial aid that exceeds expenses but also usable as a refillable debit card. For more information, see

Q: If I put my deposit in and decided not to go to Oswego, when is the latest that I can get my refund?
A: It depends upon when your deposit was accepted and due, among other factors. You should submit your request in writing to the Admissions Office, including the reason for not attending; you can contact them at 315.312.2250 or with any questions.

Q: Payment plans
A: [WWW]

Q: Can I use my financial aid to buy books?
A: If you have enough aid to cover it, you can do this via our College BookStore, [WWW]

Q: When is payment due for fall 2012 and can I pay by check?
A: The deadline is Aug. 24 and yes, we take checks. See [WWW] for more details.

Q: Do you offer athletic scholarships?
A: As a Division III school, we cannot offer athletic scholarships.

Q: If a child goes below the 12 credits with dropping a class and they get financial aid, what will happen or what should they do? Plus they live on campus.
A: According to our Financial Aid Office, the general answer is: If the student has already paid full tuition, change in financial aid is unlikely. But the best thing to do would be to contact Financial Aid directly at 315-312-2248 or because situations may vary from student to student. Thanks!

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